Sustainable Eco Friendly House

Sustainable Eco Friendly HouseSustainable eco-friendly houses are becoming more in demand, with green features working their way into the mainstream. So how are these homes different, why are they gaining so much media coverage, and what new trends and designs are emerging to provide individual home buyers, nonprofits and government better housing solutions?


What are Sustainable Eco-Friendly Houses?


Green building has evolved in many different ways over the last few years. Green construction and sustainable business elements now cover virtually every detail of the home building process, though have rarely been seen all combined together in popular use.


The essence of building sustainable eco-friendly houses is combination of resource efficiency, being environmentally responsible and in better alignment with personal values.


Eco-friendly housing may include elements in siting, design process, construction and building which promote sustainability, as well as the materials used, property footprint, and features which limit the ongoing impact on the earth and fellow humans.


Some of the features on a sustainable eco-friendly house may include:

  • Natural materials
  • Reclaimed or repurposed materials as in a shipping container house
  • Waste reduction
  • Clean energy generation and energy efficiency with solar, geothermal, passive solar
  • Water conversation and efficiency
  • Healthier building materials
  • Affordability


Why Buy Sustainable Eco-Friendly Homes?


Interestingly the International Energy Agency claims that existing buildings are responsible for 24% of global carbon dioxide emissions and 40% of the planet’s total primary energy consumption. This makes sustainable design and more eco-conscience living a big deal.


Sustainable eco-friendly homes not only help the world and macro environment but occupant health safety as well.


Energy efficiency provides obvious monetary savings which not only helps green home buyers keep more cash in their pockets can make a massive difference in national economies and towards solving the world’s most pressing social issues.


Environmentally Friendly House Trends


A significant percentage of new homes being built, even by major commercial home builders are incorporating more green features, but it doesn’t require being a ‘tree hugger’ to see we need more than just energy efficient appliances to make a difference and realize the maximum possible positive impact.


Green architecture and eco-friendly house design continues to be a hot trend with top schools sporting model projects and luxury home buyers showing off stunning custom architectural feats that are making sustainable living into as much an art as a practical choice.


We now have buildings with living walls, passive solar homes, vertical forests and farms, recycled shipping container houses, eco-friendly prefabricated homes, luxury tree houses, and much more.


Some are more practical and appealing than others. And this is the core challenge which The Guardian has pointed out as the biggest obstacle to eco houses going mainstream and having a greater impact; this is scalability.


The ability to scale requires design which is truly green and attractive as well as being affordable and simply a manufacturing process which can scale.

Mesocore Sustainable Eco-Friendly Homes that Scale

Mesocore 100% sustainable hybrid homes are not just an eco friendly house, but incorporate a first in combining rainwater harvesting and clean energy generation, with pleasing aesthetics, and which can be conveniently and efficiently shipped anywhere in the world for truly green commerce and living.

Most notably perhaps they are the first green homes already able to be mass manufactured to break through the barrier to lead environmentally friendly home building and living on a global scale.