Shipping Container House

Shipping Container HouseInterest in shipping container homes has been rocketing. The question most have is whether a shipping container house is as practical as they are becoming visually appealing?


Can containerization really work, are there any affordable out of box container house plans available, and what are the real advantages of this type of living?


What is a Shipping Container House?


Container house design has actually been emerging from the fringe to mainstream for several decades. As the term suggests this involves using steel shipping containers for home design and construction.


So far shipping container architects have proven these sturdy cores to have many applications and be incredibly versatile in home building applications.

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Container homes and buildings may still be works of art and adventure as they are practical shelters or used for residential and commercial construction, but they are catching on, with the potential to seriously disrupt the global housing industry.


Their modular shape enables shipping containers to be easily transformed into commercial buildings, apartment buildings and single family homes.


You may have even seen a shipping container house near you and never realized what it was.


Why Buy a Shipping Container House?


There are many reasons for choosing these containers in construction ranging from affordability to being environmentally conscious.


The natural strength and durability of steel shipping containers makes homes built from them extremely resistant to extreme weather such as tornadoes and hurricanes as well as earthquakes, and can better withstand transportation for initial erection and moving homes too.


Low container house cost is also a major factor. They not only offer low material cost, but reduce waste by recycling and for delivery and set up.


This makes these housing units a prime example of effective and environmentally friendly green home building, while offering increased safety for occupants, preservation of the investment made in a home and significant savings.


Container House Design Trends


Shipping container architecture remains incredibly diverse, but has firmly established itself as a serious, practical and highly valuable medium.


Custom container home configurations have garnered a lot of media attention, while container house and building plans have exploded in application around the globe. Besides personal residential and vacation homes uses now include school buildings, emergency shelters, office buildings, retail stores, exhibition spaces, banks, shopping malls, hotels, eco-friendly retreats and more.


Of course perhaps the one reason the world hasn’t seen more of these types of properties becoming the norm is the lack of off the shelf container home plans and the fact most individuals aren’t likely to just go buy a shipping container and then figure out how to turn it into a home from scratch, if for no other reason than the time involved.


The Mesocore Game Changer

Hybrid home manufacturer Mesocore has been changing the shipping container house industry. With the design and roll out of a pre-fabricated, 100% sustainable, eco-friendly hybrid container home individuals, nonprofits and government now have easy access to an affordable, proven model which is easy to erect on any site worldwide, and that brings together all of the best green building practices into one unit.


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