Rainwater harvesting system

Rainwater harvesting systemsRainwater harvesting systems are rapidly growing in popularity with new technology and development making it easier and more affordable to solve one of the biggest crises facing the world today, while enabling a wider cross-section of the earth’s population live eco-consciously.


What is a Rainwater Harvesting System?


As the name suggests these systems harvest water from rain for a variety of commercial and residential uses.


Rainwater harvesting systems capture and store rain water in a variety of ways. Perhaps most common are rainwater capture systems for irrigation, gardening and sustaining livestock. However, science and technology is increasingly enabling rain to be used for everything from heating homes to daily household uses like washing clothes as well as for cooking and drinking.


Rudimentary methods may simply involve pits to accumulate water or basic containers. Flooded fresh water forests, underground cisterns and other strategies like rooftop rainwater harvesting take this to a higher level.


Now there are a number of rainwater harvesting systems available to the public online for both commercial and residential use, but most are probably not inexpensive enough for the average individual or family to purchase, install and use as a complete replacement for mains water.


Why Harvest Rainwater?


Water is easily the most precious resource on the planet. While it may appear to be plentiful when looking at the big blue areas on a map, availability of usable water for drinking and irrigation remains elusive for millions. In fact, a lack of clean water is responsible for thousands of deaths each day.


Others might ask why pay for something which is free? Rainwater harvesting at home can completely eliminate monthly water bills for many. This offers huge savings, especially when totaled and compounded over time. Some local governments are even offering thousands of dollars in rainwater harvesting rebates.


It can be a lot healthier to use and consume fresh rainwater which is free of numerous contaminants and chemicals too. Of course purification can add to the expense of trying this at home for those taking the DIY route.


Hybrid Home Rainwater Harvesting Solutions


Mesocore’s hybrid housing units which are used as sustainable eco-friendly homes and for housing schools, medical centers and offices in off the grid communities around the globe come with a 2,000 gallon tank for rainwater harvesting.


This system also includes 3 cartridge filters and UV purification light before being plumbed into the homes.


Making this all-in-one system even better; it is doubled with clean energy generation from solar with built in battery storage for electricity for actually enjoying hot water with the potential for zero utility bills.