New Platform Allows You To Design & Price Your Home From Your Mobile Device


Innovative home manufacturer launches new tech portal for customizing and ordering your sustainable home from anywhere.

Green home builder Mesocore, featured on the Discovery Channel, has upgraded the convenience of its service even further. Since inception Mesocore homes were designed to be shipped anywhere in the world. Now home buyers can order and customize their units online from their desktop, tablet, or mobile phone from anywhere on the planet with internet connection, and get their home delivered.

Founder Joe Esposito says “with almost 100% of home buyers now beginning their search online, and the majority coming via mobile devices, offering the ability to start the process in this way was only a logical next step in the evolution of the real estate industry.”

Mesocore Homes

Mesocore is credited with designing the first truly 100% sustainable pre-fab home. Not only can these versatile units be configured in multiple ways for different living arrangements, and even commercial uses; they incorporate solar, and rainwater harvesting. That means these homes can be the perfect fit for entirely off-grid living, or simply increasing self-sufficiency and sustainability even in developed residential neighborhoods. For example; Mesocore homes have been built along Florida’s prime east coast, and shipped to West Africa.

Design Your Custom Home Online

Using this link users can:

  • Customize their Mesocore design
  • Price their new homes
  • Order construction drawings


Customization options include:

  • Appliance options
  • Number of bedrooms and floor plan
  • Solar Power options
  • Countertop material
  • Air conditioning
  • Exterior trim


Affordable, Versatile, Net Zero Building

Not only were Mesocore’s founders pioneers in the green home space and net zero home manufacturing, but their affordable approach has become a model for permanent replacements to housing in storm stricken areas, a scalable solution for affordable housing, and a crucial tool for nonprofits expanding around the globe. They can be used as medical centers and schools in Africa or Haiti or as luxury vacation homes in the Caribbean or Costa Rica, and beyond. Once you’ve customized your designs, then you’ll see how incredibly affordable it can be to build your own unique and personalized home. One which is green, sustainable, and matches your values.

While there are model homes you can visit, or the ability to arrange a tour of the factory, you can now price yours on the go, no matter where you are and where you go.

Design and order your own Mesocore home right now and share the tool with a friend or partner.

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