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Off grid houses are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. So what exactly is an ‘off grid house’, why do you want one, how are emerging trends improving design and construction, and where do you get one?

What is an Off Grid House?

An off the grid (OTG) house refers is a home which is not connected to the city or national electrical grid. Going further many off grid houses are completely autonomous or self-sufficient in terms of all utilities including water supply.

Owners of off grid homes focus on independent utilities and sufficiency with their own water supplies and using renewable energy sources.

An off grid house then may feature wind or solar clean energy generation, and have their own wells or rely on rainwater depending on location, or even choose to go without some of these conveniences.

This type of housing can come in virtually any form, from California dome homes, to cave living in Spain to log cabins in the woods, to luxury tree houses, or rudimentary third world shelters and now in many stylish modern designs.

Why Buy an Off Grid House?

There are actually many reasons for living off the grid.

Today these may include:

  • Desire for increased privacy
  • Out of necessity due to location
  • As part of a prepper or survivalist lifestyle
  • Cost savings on connection and monthly utility bills
  • Going green and choosing to live in a more eco-friendly way
  • For tropical or second or vacation homes
  • For more permanent housing in rural and developing areas
  • To lead as an example
  • Cool

New OTG Home Design Trends

Off grid house design has come a long way recently. Green housing solutions haven’t just benefited from technological developments but in many cases are pioneering new technology and can be found being designed on leading university campuses by today’s brightest minds, as well as being set up in tropical areas to form truly eco-friendly retreats.

In some areas entire communities are going off grid and are proving that they can be self-sufficient, while new reality TV shows and eco-conscious Hollywood celebrities have been working to popularize the trend.

Now there is even competition for designing the sleekest and most minimalist off grid house plans.

The Mesocore 100% Sustainable Hybrid Home Solution

Among the most advanced off grid house models available today is the Mesocore Hybrid home. The Mesocore solution is unique in many ways and is currently the only housing unit in this sector which solves virtually every challenge living off the grid can bring at once.

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Mesocore’s 100% sustainable homes incorporate clean energy from solar power generation, rainwater harvesting systems, can be shipped virtually anywhere on the planet, are incredibly affordable, and can be finished as basically or luxuriously as desired.

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