How to Make Housing More Affordable

Housing is becoming less affordable fast. So what can we do about it?

The McKinsey Global Institute projects that within 10 years 1.6 billion people will be “financially stretched by housing costs” or will be living in “crowded, inadequate, and unsafe housing.”  That’s on top of the millions that are already homeless.

So what can we do to make housing more affordable? How can individuals and families find affordable, healthy housing?

4 Ways to Make Housing More Affordable:

Fast Company poses four ways to improve housing affordability…

  1. Unlock more land for building houses
  2. Off-site manufacturing and pre-fab housing
  3. Improving energy efficiency
  4. Better financing

The McKinsey Institute believes that these four factors alone can solve the housing gap for everyone down to those making just 50% of the median income.

Sustainable Housing

There has been a huge drive toward greener housing recently. Some of that has negatively impacted building truly sustainable housing. In order to solve both affordability and health issues; we need truly sustainable housing.

RJ Martin of Coldwell Banker in Hawaii reminds us that affordability goes hand in hand with being green and sustainable. Overpriced properties aren’t sustainable no matter what LEED or other certifications they have. Look at Lanai. Billionaire Larry Ellison purchased the entire (98%) island of Lanai, Hawaii a couple of years ago. His goal was to create a 100% green paradise. Since then hotel prices have soared to $1,000 plus per night, and camping now runs more than luxury hotels in hot cities like Miami. That’s in addition to many generation old family homes being torn down.

And there’s more to affordable housing than the sticker price. Utilities play a huge role in the overall cost of living. The entire country of Costa Rica has been running on 100% renewable energy in 2015. We all know it is a popular destination to retire to. Not just for the weather, but for inexpensive living too. In contrast; the National Renewable Energy Laboratory reports that the US is only getting 15% of its energy from renewables. It’s not just electricity either. Look at two of the most expensive states in the US. Hawaii and California aren’t cheap to live in. Water is also expensive in both places. California is now in a state of emergency. The Governor has mandated a 25% cut in water use, and has told residents that watering their grass is a thing of the past.

The Solution

In order to solve the housing crisis sustainably we need to make both homeownership more accessible, and convert to renewable resources. This is exactly the type of solution that Mesocore has been delivering in Florida and Nigeria.

Mesocore hybrid homes incorporate solar and rainwater harvesting, and are pre-fabricated. And they are affordable. They check all the boxes that Fast Company and The McKinsey Global Institute say are essential.

These stylish, yet sustainable homes can be delivered anywhere in the world. They can be shipped in volume to create new green communities, or ordered individually by those seeking to ‘build’ brand new modern homes affordably and sustainably. Claim one as a new family residence in Northern California or Central Florida, and get one for your dream lot in Costa Rica or Hawaii.

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