Growing Jobs

Mesocore is the first home building concept that enables anyone, including homeowners, to participate in local on-site construction. At Mesocore, we know how much homes matter and we make them affordable, simple and fast to construct.

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The video shown here is the original concept of Mesocore. Much of the technical details and design have evolved.

Establishing a home is a basic human need which is essential for empowerment, livelihood, social stability and the creation of wealth… as stated by the Millennium Challenge Account. The Millennium Development Goals, adopted in 2000 by all 193 member nations of the United Nations originated from the Millennium Declaration, which asserts that every individual has the right to dignity, freedom, equality, a basic standard of living that includes freedom from hunger and violence, and encourages tolerance and solidarity.

Anna Tibaijuka, former executive director of UN Habitat said that 1 billion of the world’s urban population was currently residents of slums… Mostly under the age of 25, without employment prospects, and lacking access to clean water and sanitation, they were the most disempowered in terms of poverty and access to health and education, and the most vulnerable to diseases…
If left unchecked, she said their number could reach 2 billion in 2030.

Mesocore, as a hybrid house, is a building concept which empowers actual users, and inexperienced local workers to learn and work on the construction of the house. This creates meaningful jobs for those who most need them and allows all those in need to help themselves. And, as an off grid house, the ability to quickly and effectively build communities is limited only by the availability of land, and the desire of the government to promote such development. If the Millennium Development Goals are to be achieved, Mesocore can help.

How big is the problem? By any measure it is unprecedented in its economic and social importance. Only hope can eliminate frustration and anger. The UN has estimated than the need for affordable houses throughout the world is at least 5 million homes per year, and there is a larger immediate need.
Of the 7 billion humans on earth, less than 3 billion people live in homes with electricity and plumbing. Experts believe that over the next 40 years the population will grow by another 3 billion people, mostly in the undeveloped world, before stabilizing at around 10 billion. Today, over one billion people lack access to safe drinking water and two billion people lack access to basic sanitation. Six thousand people die every day due to contaminated water related illness. In a single day hurricane Katrina left 1.5 million Americans homeless and the recent earthquake in Haiti displaced 1.7 million people, yet there is no system to have permanent replacement homes readily available.

More than two billion people around the world have no access to electricity and only 15% of the world’s population has access to the internet and the educational opportunities afforded by the World Wide Web.

This enormous demand for housing translates into at least one million direct, on site jobs, mostly in the developing countries, but also as disaster replacement housing and housing for the poverty areas of developed nations. It also creates at least another one million direct factory jobs in countries where hybrid homes are built, and now can be exported throughout the world. Add to these numbers indirect or spin off jobs equal to about 2 for each direct job and the number approaches some 6 million jobs for the next 40 years

The affordable home and the Mesocore hybrid home industry can create job growth comparable to that of the automobile industry, which has grown economies and wealth over the past century.

Safety from natural and human threats, feelings of isolation, lack of meaningful work and the hope of a better future are universal concerns each of us must resolve. Love and peace are two basic human needs which are met through the relationships in your home. Indeed, home ownership matters, and is better as part of a sustainable community, and better yet if it has been built by the honest work of its residents.