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What You Should Be Demanding In A New Home Now

What should we be demanding from our homes today? Somehow we lost our way. Our landscape and real estate listing websites are dotted with buildings people don’t want, can’t afford, and in some cases are just making them sick and View more

New Real Estate Technology Packs Big Value In Small Containers

New tech is making real estate safer, more affordable, efficient, and impactful… Between new smart home tech gadgets, flexible and efficient architecture, and stronger more affordable housing materials both business and residential property is becoming more accessible and rewarding. Smart View more

Africa’s Mega Trends Offer 21st Century Pioneers Incredible Investment Opportunities

Africa’s evolving mega trends offer entrepreneurs and investors equally expansive investment opportunities for both having a positive impact, and generating sizable profits. Big, Bold, Africa There is nothing small about the African continent. Analysts have even recently argued that the View more

Tesla Powerwall and Mesocore Sustainable Home Technology Perfect Fit

Elon Musk’s latest Tesla energy Powerwall system, a great innovation, offers perfect synergy for solar battery backups systems that are currently being used by sustainable home builders such as, Mesocore, a green home builder. Tesla’s  Powerwalls not only solve one of View more

Buying a Home Now Half as Expensive as Renting

It’s now half as expensive to buy a home in the US as rents skyrocket out of control. If this is your year to claim a fresh start, slash living costs, boost your surplus income, and start living healthier, then View more