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(Mesocore homes currently are only approved for climate zones 1 and 2. Please see below map of climate zones.)

United States Climate Zones

Mesocore units are designed for climate zones 1 and 2

With the Mesocore, one container makes a house.

All you need isQty
Cubic yards of concrete for slab/foundation16
Workers to complete house on site (for 2 weeks)4
Septic system or hook-up to sewer1
Electric tools, like a screw gun3
Equals one 1000 square foot Mesocore house1

Never before has a building a permanent house been so simple.



Click here for drawing of concrete and location of utility hook-ups


Subject to our production schedule we can ship your house when you want it.  Concrete slab is poured before delivery, the core is completely closed up and safe and stays that way until you are ready to expand it to its full 1000 sq ft size.

Pre fab house in truck


Can I change the 2 bedroom partition layout to a 3 bedroom?

Yes, when your Mesocore is nearing completion on site you can decide on 2 or 3 bedroom layout utilizing out partition system.

Can I order house without the rain water harvesting system?

No, Mesocore patented cistern is integral to the house. You may choose not to use collected rainwater for your fixtures however. And only use collected rain water for watering lawn and plants for example.

Can I paint the exterior and interior of the house?

Yes you can. Magnesium oxide board or MAG board is the material used for both the interior and exterior walls and can be painted to the color of your choice.

The Mesocore house starts in the factory as a steel chassis, sized and designed to accommodate the built-in bathrooms, kitchen, mechanical room and water reservoir and also holds all the loose construction components needed on site. Its finished state in the factory is an intermodal container, which can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Mesocore steel chassis. Structural members are typically Hollow Structural Steel Tubing (HSST- A500) ¼” thick. A one piece steel plate is the base of the built in cistern upper tank. All steel is fully welded manually or by robotic welders.  The chassis and container is tested and approved by the American Bureau of Shipping and is built to the mandated size of a 20 foot- high cube container, measuring 8 foot wide by 9’- 6” high by 19’- 10- ½” long. This steel chassis becomes a permanent part of the Mesocore house. All steel is coated with a protective food grade epoxy, which has no petroleum base and is cured with ultraviolet light. The finish is a glossy, rust resistant, tough material.

The layout of the assembled house is about 1000 square foot (93sq meters), with the left long side expanding on site to be a ‘great’ room with the dining and living room adjacent to the factory built-in kitchen; and the right side expanding adjacent to the factory built-in bathrooms creating two or three bedrooms –your choice- which can be determined on site as the construction nears completion.

After the factory built-ins are completed, all the materials needed to complete the house on site (with the exception of the concrete for the slabs, and the septic system) are placed within the limits of the container.

The roof is designed at a slight inward slope to both harvest rainwater, funneling it into the cistern, and to receive the photo- voltaic solar panels. In addition, thermal solar panels which generate hot water from the sun’s radiation cover and seal the open top of the cistern.

Although the Mesocore can be ordered without any options you should check-out the various solar electric generating options (available below) as they may be economically attractive.  There are many financial incentives for solar and over 40 states have “net Metering” programs which may be available in your area; a good web site is

Roof Construction.  Steel columns anchored by  ¾” J-bolts inserted into the concrete slab along with the rigid steel chassis anchored into the slab with steel re-bar provide instant lateral stability. Engineered wood I beams (9 ½” deep x 24”on center) free span the space. The roof deck is then covered by the exterior sheathing of the container (Zip Systems sheathing by Huber Corporation), which are removed from the core and screwed to the I-beams. Attached  to the inside upper edge of the steel is the 25 year, reflective, one piece thermally welded single-ply roofing membrane (manufactured by Seaman Corporation) factory sealed to stretched over the roof deck, and secured at the perimeters with the ‘aluminum cant edge’ extrusion and the pre-painted aluminum fascia. The roof is insulated with 6” fiberglass batt insulation and the ceiling is PVC bead board.

Rainwater collection system and cistern. Integrated into the Mesocore design is the 1160 square foot (approx. 108 sq meters) roof which has a ½” to 12” inward slope sending rain water into the steel cistern in the central core of the house at the rate of 720 gallons per 1 inch of rain (2730 liters per 25.4 mm of rain). The tank measures 18’ 8” x 6’ 11” x 23”deep and can store about 1800 gallons (6800 liters) and is sealed by a solid cover (which is also the thermal solar hot water generator) with a filtering edge inlet. Over flow, drain, clean out, water pickup and pass thru ports for cables  are provided thru the cistern into the mechanical room.

The single family plan provides good separation between the bedrooms and the living areas which are connected by the vestibule with the front entry door. The master bathroom is en-suite and the second bathroom is convenient, yet private, for guests as well as for the other bedrooms and is entered thru an ante-space which can be a study with a small desk. 

The fully equipped kitchen, with its’ freestanding island, is both functional and part of the dining and living areas providing a desirable open plan. 

The Kitchen and bathrooms are efficient, functional and with exacting workmanship equal to that found in custom homes and yachts.  Stainless steel appliances and energy conserving LED lighting are standard.

Bathroom and kitchen ‘modules’ are custom designed cabinet/wall structures made from ¾” thick high pressure melamine coated moisture resistant MDF (medium density fiberboard).

Countertops are high pressure laminate, an optional solid surface material is available. Wall cabinets and base cabinets with full extension ball-bearing sliding drawers are integrally designed and create the  bathroom and kitchen walls and cabinetry as a unified singular structure. Each bathroom  contains a ceramic lavatory sink, fiberglass laundry sink (an optional combination under counter washer-dryer in place of this sink is available), ceramic one piece toilet, fiberglass full size 5’ bathtub/shower ( 2nd smaller bath has shower only and no laundry sink), chrome faucets, mirror, towel bars, tissue holder, curtain rod, LED lighting, exhaust ventilation. Bathroom finished floors  are a resilient vinyl seamless flooring.

All waste water plumbing is schedule 40 PVC, with a 3” waste line outfall terminating at the exterior front end of the chassis for hook up to a site built septic system (not supplied) or connection to a sewer line.  Kitchen is built as a singular integrated ‘module’ and include a 30” dual bowl stainless steel sink, stainless steel appliances including a 4 burner 30” wide propane gas cooktop and oven (all electric is available), an over the oven microwave with exhaust fan, 24 inch dishwasher and a 33”wide  17.6 cubic foot  refrigerator/ freezer(36” wide 22 cuft. available). The freestanding kitchen countertop island has 2 drawers to the kitchen side. 

The Mesocore home has a mechanical room space within the core, approximately 21 inches deep by 8 feet wide which is accessed directly from the outside thru a 3’ x 6’-8” lockable steel door. Complete systems, including solar, electrical, plumbing and water filtration /purification are completed and tested in our factory, before shipment.

The mechanical room contains the plumbing systems which include  PEX hot and cold water distribution system, supplied by either the utility or from the  cistern with an optional three stage particle filter system and a UV light bacteria purification system. Hot water is generated by  100 square foot direct solar thermal collector with integrated water storage (optional electric booster heater is available).

Basic electric systems include  UL approved load center circuit breaker panels  receiving all power from  integrated  photovoltaic solar and/or utility service entrance (either from above or underground). The electrical system include low voltage power for LED lighting and line voltage power to match the country’s electric standard.

Optional solar equipment is installed, including plug and play terminus for solar rooftop PV panels, combiner box, charge controllers, inverter, disconnect switches and  batteries all pre wired and tested. The optional solar systems with battery storage can power the house off-grid (see solar options).

The front elevation of the house has a horizontal aesthetic that is simple yet architecturally pleasing. The white wainscot trim, window and door trim, the wood-stained fiberglass entry door and the architectural peak detail, which matches the factory painted fascia and exposed lateral beam are all standard. An optional PVC faux stacked-stone wainscot is available.


Fifty eight SIPs (structural insulated panels, 12 include the aluminum windows, and 2 include doors), which make up the exterior walls, have a natural textured, stucco-like, off-white color, and can be left unpainted or painted at any time in the future.

Exterior walls, windows and doors.  The Mesocore structure is supplied with a custom designed exterior Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) system. Which are screw fastened  into aluminum extrusions at the top and sill at the bottom. Each ‘SIP’ panel has an extruded aluminum structural perimeter and is filled with  high density polyurethane insulation (R-14 value) fully expanded between two layers of ¼” thick , Magnesium Oxide Board (an inert exterior board product, resistant to fire, water, moisture and mildew, termites and insects) reinforced with a fiberglass scrim. Baked enamel, white, aluminum single hung windows (34” by 60” high) are pre-installed into the SIP panels and are glazed with polycarbonate (virtually unbreakable) glazing and have integral steel/aluminum security bars in a 6 over 6 grid; insect screens are removable from inside.

Incredible as it may seem, even the interior partitions are packed and shipped within the container core. Built-in closets/wardrobe  units are provided for each bedroom. Finished in a white melamine  finish these walls require no paint and can be easily cleaned. A unique storage bin system is provided and can be hung on the exposed lateral beam –off the floor and out of the way.

Interior partitions, wardrobe/closets. Specially designed to nest and ship as a compact package in the core the interior partitions are pre-fabricated and designed to the configuration shown on the plans.

(Basically these partitions create the bedroom spaces within the house). These structures are made from  ¾” thick medium density fiberboard (MDF) with melamine laminate bonded surface. The wardrobe units are similar to built-in closets and the unique storage bin system is made of white PVC plastic. Aluminum base and top tracks included make installation easy and doors are 1 3/8” interior grade fiberglass doors. The single family house can be converted from a two to a three bedroom design onsite.


What is a SIP?

SIP or structural insulated panels is what makes up the exterior walls of a Mesocore house.

Are there different color options for the cabinets and counter tops?

Yes, Mesocore offers both light and dark color combinations.

Can I air condition the house?

Yes, please choose air condition from the options list when pricing your Mesocore.


What is installed in the mechanical room?

All electrical components including, batteries for solar system, charge controllers, electrical panels, water filtration system. This room is accessible from the exterior of the house only and is outfitted with a venting locking steel door.

Mechanical room

What additional construction costs do I have to budget for my Mesocore house?

In addition to purchasing a Mesocore house, you will have to factor in tax if applicable, shipping cost, concrete for slabs, utility hook up, as well as construction labor and any potential permit fees your town may require.

What covers the cistern?

The cistern is covered with 4 custom solar hot water heater panels that only allow rain water to enter.

Mesocore Solar hot water

solar hot water

Can the electric service come from underground and/or from above?

Yes, you can utilize your local electric and water in conjunction with your solar. In addition you can install a generator to work with solar as well.

Do the batteries emit any gas?

No, we use AGM lead free batteries.

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Is my purchase in states other than Florida subject to sales tax?

Yes, your Mescore is tangible personal property and subject to sales tax. Please consult with your tax adviser as to the payment process.

Is my purchase in the state of Florida subject to sales tax?

Yes, tax will be billed on your invoice and collected at the time of sale.

If my Mesocore is shipped out of the United States is there any Florida sales tax?

No. Consult with your freight forwarder on any taxes and duty levied by your country.

Purchase plans and get building process rolling.

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