Africa’s Mega Trends Offer 21st Century Pioneers Incredible Investment Opportunities

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Africa’s evolving mega trends offer entrepreneurs and investors equally expansive investment opportunities for both having a positive impact, and generating sizable profits.

Big, Bold, Africa

There is nothing small about the African continent. Analysts have even recently argued that the global maps we have used for decades have made Africa appear much smaller than it really is. The only thing vaster than the continent’s land mass may be its growth over the next few years.

Consider that by the end of this year there will be 5 billion connected devices in the world, and over 25 billion within 5 years. Many of those being added will be in Africa. Africa still barely has over a quarter of the population connected by internet, but that’s changing fast.

Not only is connectivity saturation growing, but UNICEF expects Africa’s population to double over the next couple of decades, with birth rates and life expectancy rising. There will soon be almost 1 billion residents under 18 years old.

In the next 15 years over half the population will live in urban cities; a trend that will continue to grow.

But while the individual is being empowered by technology, and it is hoped that there will soon be more members of the middle class than poor, Africa has equally big challenges. It has been ravaged by war, poverty, unscrupulous corporations, and neglect. Public debt, environmental damage, and sustainability are all challenges to successful growth.

Empowering Africa

As the founder of the Acumen fund so eloquently points out – investing in Africa isn’t about charity. It should be approached in an economically profitable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable way that seeks to empower Africans with dignity.

This is a continent which is experiencing a boom in wealth, innovation, technology, and startups. It’s somewhere that can earn you a global reputation as a world leading entrepreneur before you are 20 years old, just by inventing a better type of charcoal brick. It is a landscape hungry for impact investing. But it is also a clean slate. One that offers conscientious entrepreneurs and funds an opportunity to do things better from the ground up, and wired for the future. A chance to participate in designing a better tomorrow for the entire planet.

It All Starts at Home

Still, before Africa, and entrepreneurs and foreign investors get too carried away with the distant future it’s critical to begin with a solid foundation. That starts at home. Literally. Homeownership, and safe, healthy, affordable housing is the cornerstone of individual development and growth, and national economies. For innovation and growth to be sustainable Africa’s entrepreneurs need to be empowered with a concrete home-base. One which empowers them with clean energy and water. With light and air conditioning, and safety. It’s the basic building block in the hierarchy of individual and national needs.

Green home builder Mesocore has already begun tackling this by shipping hybrid housing units to Nigeria. These hybrid, 100% sustainable homes offer an affordable housing solution which incorporate clean energy from solar, Tesla Powerwall style battery backups, rainwater harvesting and purification systems, and more. It’s a great start, with a rapidly scalable model which is ideal for ensuring Africa’s urbanization is sustainable.

Get in touch to find out how to get your own Mesocore home or commercial unit, or to find out how you can participate in empowering Africa’s sustainable growth…