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Mesocore executives meet with US Ambassador to South Africa Donald Gips, center, while on Trade Mission to explore energy and housing solutions to “the Rainbow Nation”

“The Mesocore mission is to create an adequate, sustainable home,
as an affordable world commodity,
which enables responsible communities to be built,
while encouraging social and economic development, and personal achievement.”

Over the last century Architects and designers, among them such notable names as Frank Lloyd Wright and Buckminster Fuller, have used advanced structural ideas to create ‘modular’ or factory built housing. In spite of these efforts most advances in home construction have occurred in the higher cost, site built homes; leaving behind the significant demand for affordable homes, especially in developing nations.

Mesocore Manufacturing Facility

In design and development for more than 5 years, the Mesocore concept has pursued this elusive goal and has incorporated rainwater and solar energy harvesting, allowing for off-grid applications. It has embraced modern manufacturing technology and has integrated, in a unique innovative way, the incredibly successful intermodal delivery system.
Mesocore, has blended factory production with sensible on site construction, which encourages local workers to productively take part in the development of their own communities.

Please contact us to explore and expand the solutions which the Mesocore concept can provide, while preserving the diverse lives and cultures in our world.

The original concept video of Mesocore is shown here, please understand that the technical details have evolved. Click here for Video.

Joe Esposito
Mesocore, LLC

Mesocore is a registered trademark of Mesocore LLC, which also owns patents and has patents pending in the USA and several other countries.